Obsidian® Porcelain Crowns

Strong, Beautiful Restorations in Del Rio, TX

Crowns that more closely resemble the rest of your smile are a growing part of dentistry. Luis Cadena, DDS and Valerie Cadena-Vargas, DDS provide one of the strongest aesthetic crowns. Cadena Dentistry provides Obsidian® porcelain crowns in Del Rio, Bracketville, and Eagle Pass.

When are Crowns Necessary?

Sometimes, teeth endure harm that leaves them brittle and vulnerable to infection. This can be a result of an injury that cracks a tooth or from an existing cavity. Unless the appropriate prosthetic is applied to restore the tooth, it may experience significant decay, possess an increased likelihood of fracturing, and lead to other oral health complications.

In these cases, our dentists in Del Rio will provide a crown. This type of restoration is a cap that is placed over the prepared tooth, protecting it from harmful oral bacteria. The crown also serves as a hardened shell that lends its resilience to the treated tooth. By having an Obsidian crown, a tooth can withstand the daily pressure of chewing and prevent any cracks in it from growing.

Why Obsidian Crowns?

Cadena Dentistry wants the most beneficial material used for dental restoration fabrication, and Obsidian crowns offer the best aspects of other dental materials.

A crown is often made of either a metallic alloy or dental porcelain. Silver-colored and gold alloys are lauded for their durability, but can detract from your smile. Additionally, there are rare cases wherein a patient may be allergic to the metals used in fabrication. Porcelain and zirconia are more aesthetically appealing, as they both mimic the appearance of a naturally healthy tooth, but their inability to withstand as much pressure as metal can make them ill-suited in some cases. Even combinations of materials have their drawbacks, as the ceramic layer on a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown can chip over time.

An Obsidian crown is one of, if not the, strongest porcelain restorations available in dentistry. It maintains the beauty of dental ceramics while being far stronger than its counterparts. This means that Obsidian-brand porcelain can be used where other types of porcelain cannot assist.

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Cadena Dentistry offers Obsidian crowns near Del Rio. We proudly help patients repair decaying or damaged teeth with one of the strongest porcelain restoration dentistry can offer. For more information about the right crown for you, call our practice today and schedule a consultation.