Smile Makeovers

Full Smile Makeovers in Del Rio, TX

Despite patients’ best efforts and preventive attention, the health and beauty of your smile may be in need of rejuvenation. Missing teeth, decayed teeth, cracked teeth, and heavily stained teeth can be replaced, rebuilt, protected, and brightened with dental prostheses that fulfill your cosmetic and dental needs. To correct these issues, Cadena Dentistry provides smile makeovers in Del Rio, Eagle Pass, and Brackettville.


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BruxZir® Zirconia Crowns

Veneers, crowns, bridges, and dental implant restorations can be vital components to a full smile makeover. Not only must these dental restorations last for decades, but they must also look and feel natural to meet your aesthetic dental needs. In order to make your teeth both healthy and beautiful once again, our Del Rio dentists provide Bruxzir® zirconia restorations to help you regain the smile of your dreams.

As a dental material, zirconia is durable and matches the color, texture, and shine of a natural, healthy tooth. Dental restorations made with this material look and feel like real teeth, and they can bear the full stress of chewing. In our dentists’ experience, BruxZir® zirconia restorations tend to be even more durable than other zirconia restorations. By using BruxZir® for your crowns and veneers, our Del Rio dentists help maximize the longevity of your smile makeover.

Dental Implants

A full smile makeover includes treatments to restore the beauty and function of existing teeth, but it can also replace any missing teeth. While we offer traditional bridges and dentures, securing these restorations with dental implants provide a more stable solution to your teeth replacement needs.

Dental implants involve three parts: the implant post(s) surgically placed into the jaw, the implant restoration that serves as the visible tooth or teeth, and the abutment(s) that connect the posts to the restorations. Once the implant posts have been surgically implanted the jaw, the permanent abutment and implant restoration can be added to the implant by our Del Rio dentists. Whether you need a zirconia crown to replace one missing tooth or an implant-supported denture to replace a full arch of teeth, Drs. Cadena and Cadena-Vargas are able to help you develop a beautiful smile.

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Cadena Dentistry provides Bruxzir® zirconia restorations, dental implant restorations, and other smile makeover services in Del Rio, Brackettville, and Eagle Pass. For more information about how we can help your smile, call our office today!