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About Our Dental Practice in Del Rio - Cadena Dentistry

At our family and cosmetic dental practice, Doctors Louis Cadena and Valerie Cadena-Vargas believe quality dental care begins with patient involvement and a positive patient experience. Cadena Dentistry is proud to provide this level of dental service to the families of Del Rio, Brackettville, and Eagle Pass.

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About Our Dental Practice in Del Rio - Cadena Dentistry

At Cadena Dentistry, our top priority is always the patient’s best interests. Dr. Cadena, Dr. Cadena-Vargas, and their entire team hold the health and personal desires of the patient very close to their hearts.

As a result, our Del Rio dentists have developed a methodology of co-diagnosis. This process allows our practice to perform the best procedures for a client’s oral health while keeping the client educated, informed, and in charge of their dental care.

Using state-of-the-art intraoral cameras that stream images to the flat-screen televisions in each operatory, Doctors Cadena and Cadena-Vargas are able to show their patients the unique parts of their smiles and help them better understand the health of their dentition. From there, the doctors list the various options that could be used to treat those conditions. If you are looking to protect damaged teeth and are not sure whether to have a metal, porcelain, or Zirconia crown, they can tell you about each restoration and how it could benefit your dental health.

Drs. Cadena and Cadena-Vargas believe that patients should have a say in making their own choices about their oral health. Rather than presenting patients with only one option, we strive to ensure that patients have all the information needed to make the best dental care decision for their lifestyle. By listing the advantages and drawbacks of each potential procedure, our Del Rio dentists can work with patients to create a dental health plan that fulfills all of their needs at once.

Making Dentistry Enjoyable

Co-diagnosis is just part of Cadena Dentistry’s overall mission to make dentistry as enjoyable as possible.

To make dentistry a more pleasant experience for our Del Rio patients, we are constantly improving our skills by taking several continuing education courses throughout the year. These courses reinforce the procedures that we offer, from dental implants to porcelain veneers, and from laser-assisted periodontal deep cleaning to cosmetic dentistry. Continuing education also enables us to be at the forefront of dynamic new procedures.

Creating a positive, comfortable environment is another way Cadena Dentistry provides patients with quality dental care and positive experiences. Like an old friend coming to visit, our patients can expect warm smiles and complete kindness from the staff of Cadena Dentistry. Even the flat-screen televisions Drs. Cadena and Cadena-Vargas use for co-diagnosis can also be used by the patient to enjoy their favorite shows or movies during treatment. The courtesy and friendliness of our staff and entertainment options provided by our practice help our patients relax throughout, and even enjoy their dental visit.

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Cadena Dentistry provides the highest level of comprehensive dentistry to patients in Del Rio, Brackettville, and Eagle Pass. To learn more about us, call our office today!

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