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 Bruxir Crowns
 before  Bruxir Crowns after  Bruxir Crowns
Post-op Bridge - Pre-op Bridge
Anterior Wear corrected with Hybrid Resins 
 Zirconia Anterior Crowns
 Bruxir Crown, Cuspal Fracture
 Zirconia Bruxir Crows, Cuspal Fracture
 Bruxir Crown, Fractured Alloy
Implant Placement
 Worn Translucent Incisal Edges, Translucency Corrected with Hybrid Resins
 Arrow, Bruxir Crown, Arrow, Canals Prepared,Vertical Fracture, Postop Root Canal

Arrow, implant abutments, implant supported bridge
Zirconia Bridge


 Bruxir Zirconia Bridge, Fractured Root Remnant, Bridge Abutment Preparations
 Splinted Crowns, Severe Coronal Breakdown
 Bruxir Crown, Defective Alloy
 Bruxir Crown, Vertical Fracture, Postop Rot Canal, Fracture Illumination
 Bruxir Crown, Hairline Fracture, Prepared Canals, Postop Root Canal
 MultiView / Composed
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